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Additionally, Saphety has thoroughly verified and validated the site's registered domain name and checked the company registration documents.

Please verify the the following information (included in the SSL certificate) is consistent with the site you are visiting.

Status Invalid
Issuer C=PT,O=Saphety Level - Trusted Services SA,CN=Saphety Server 04
Subject Name =
Departament =
Organization = Ilhafarma - Farmacia Lda.
Country = PT
Serial number 7973067758548468788
Validity Mon Aug 23 14:36:00 WEST 2010 - Tue Aug 23 14:36:00 WEST 2011

If the above information is correct, the original URL of the site you are visiting comes from and the status is "Valid", you may submit sensitive data to this site with the assurance that:

* This is a Saphety Secure Site;

* Ilhafarma - Farmacia Lda. owns and legally runs;

* Saphety has checked Ilhafarma - Farmacia Lda. registration documents as well as the proof of right to use the organizational name;

* All data sent to and from this site is encrypted, if in an SSL session (URL beginning with "https://"), offering high-grade secure communications.